Wallington Police Department

The Wallington Police Department, serving the lively community of Wallington, comprises 21 Sworn Police Officers under my direction as Chief, Shawn Kudlacik. We're proud to have 3 Special Police Officers assigned to our schools and 17 dedicated School Guards.

As a Wallington native and a product of our school system, I consider it a great honor to lead our officers into the future. My deep roots in this community, combined with my lifelong dedication to volunteer work and coaching youth athletics, have instilled in me a passion for nurturing the next generation of officers with enthusiasm and creativity. I firmly believe that shared leadership principles are key to organizational success, as every officer plays a vital role in our department. By engaging in open dialogue and understanding their values, we can deploy our officers more effectively. Our leadership team is committed to providing our officers with top-notch training, and we emphasize the importance of empathy in connecting with our residents. Our primary focus is to spend more time engaging with citizens, ensuring their safety, and assisting them in times of crisis, as trust-building is the cornerstone of our success.

The Police Department comprises 17 Patrol Officers, 2 Detectives, and 2 Administrative Officers, all of whom are cross-trained in various aspects of their roles. Notably, many officers are multilingual, with 15 Polish-speaking Officers and 1 Spanish-speaking Officer, enhancing our ability to serve a diverse community. We have 2 Firearms Instructors, 11 Alcotest Operators, 6 Field Sobriety Officers, and 2 LEAD Officers dedicated to educating our Borough children in our schools. The entire department is CPR/AED certified and undertakes annual training and drills in Active Shooter Techniques.

Our officers actively engage with the community, from "Park and Walks" in the Borough schools to volunteering at local events and building relationships with our youth and senior citizens. We're unwavering in our commitment to the safety and well-being of Wallington's residents, not only in apprehending criminals but also in ensuring our streets are safe from reckless and dangerous drivers.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Chief Shawn Kudlacik Chief 973-473-1715 ext. 103
Captain Ireneusz "Eric" Kluska Captain 973-473-1715 ext. 112
Lieutenant Paul Stolarz Records 973-473-1715 ext. 109
Mayor Melissa Dabal Liaison