Police Department Members

The Wallington Police Department is presently under the direction of Chief Carmello Imbruglia and has 23 Sworn Police Officers, 7 Special Police Officers, 14 School Guards and one civilian Records Clerk.

The Police Department consists of 18 Patrol Officers, 2 Detectives, and 3 Administrative Officers.  Officers are cross trained in many aspects of their job and some speak a second language.  The Wallington Police Department has 12 Polish speaking Officers, 2 Spanish speaking Officers and 1 Officer that knows sign language, 2 Firearms Instructors, 7 Alcotest Operators, 5 Field Sobriety Officers, 1 Drug Recognition Officer and 3 Dare Officers educating our Borough children in all of our schools.  The entire department is CPR/AED certified and train/ drill annually in Active Shooter Techniques.

Since Chief Imbruglia has taken over the department he has instituted various programs.  The Chief has his Officers perform  “Park and Walks” in the Borough schools at various hours of the day.  This allows the Officers to become familiar with the buildings, staff and children.  It also allows the Officer to make the faculty aware of any security issues that they may observe and allow the children to view our Officers as their Protectors.  Chief Imbruglia also instituted the Drop-off/ Pick-up zone near the schools.  This affords school children a safe/ legal place to be dropped off and picked up near the school.  During the school year the Chief also has his officer complete their reports in their patrol unit near the schools; thus adding another layer of protection for the children. 

Our officers help in the community through coaching, donating their time at Borough events and interacting with our youth and senior citizens. All of our Police Officers believe, as the Chief does, that they work for the residents of Wallington and their safety is of the utmost importance, not only by apprehending criminals but by keeping our streets safe from reckless and dangerous drivers.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Carmello Imbruglia Chief (973) 473-1715 ext. 103
Shawn Kudlacik Captain 973-473-1715 ext. 114
Paul Stolarz Records
Melissa Dabal Liaison